Less than Perfect Sale


Quality is of the highest importance to us, so when we receive a puzzle that is “less than perfect” we set it aside. These defects can range from damage to the box in shipping, to a small misprint somewhere on the packaging. None of these small imperfections affect the puzzle, but we feel that they do not meet our standard of quality. On the other hand, we are mindful of waste so we do not want to simply discard these puzzles and instead wanted to turn them into something positive for our customers and our community. It is with these intentions that we have been setting these puzzles aside to have our “less than perfect” sale.

For this three-day sale, all less than perfect puzzles were 40% off the regular price. In addition, we donated 100% of net proceeds to arts funding for youth in underserved communities. This donation amount came out to $2,950 CAD!

This solution means that nothing is wasted, our customers had the opportunity to purchase a puzzle at a very low price and we are able to give back to our community.

Image courtesy of ArtHeart

The organization that we have decided to support with 100% of the net proceeds from this sale is Toronto-based ArtHeart.

For over 25 years ArtHeart has been a stabilizing presence in the community of Regent Park, Toronto. They provide free visual arts education, programs, materials and a healthy snack to the children and youth, as well as a hot nutritious meal to adults and seniors living in Regent Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Through the programs, ArtHeart provides participants with a supportive environment in which they can create and learn, build self-esteem and develop life skills. By putting their hands and imaginations to work, their participants are empowered to improve their quality of life.

Parkside is a company that focuses on contemporary art and design, so we can’t think of a better organization to support!

What Kind of Defects Are There?

The main defects that we encounter are puzzle boxes that are dented in shipping. Another defect that we see from time to time is a slight misprint on the box, for example an image printed slightly out of alignment leaving a thin white line on the side of the image.

*Note that all defects are to the puzzle box only, they do not affect the puzzle inside. All sales are final.

We do plan to run this sale again in the future when we have sufficient quantities. If you have any questions about the sale, please email us at hello@parksidepuzzles.com.